Our travel essential: Shampoo

It’s holiday season! Oh how we have been anticipating this season. Oh how we have longed for life in sandals, life by the ocean, life in the warm summer evenings, life where the music gets louder and drinks flow faster and life where the warmth of humanity glows.

But first…… we have to deal with the trauma of packing a bag for our holidays. What a tremendous effort this can be. Whether you are packing to visit Barcelona or further afield, many of us are faced with the dilemma of weight and size limits versus our most comforting possessions.

Well…we have a simple solution to your packing problems. And who doesn’t want a simple life eh?

As professionals, as women, as travellers and as mothers, we wholeheartedly recommend that you take plenty of good quality shampoo. With it’s endless uses, (aside from washing your hair), here are some of shampoo’s other fabulous uses when travelling.

Hand wash

We have stayed in many hotels and apartments where the handwash/soap provided is pretty harsh, and taking your own bottle is hardly considered a priority when packing. You need not worry about chapped hands anymore. With your good quality shampoo, take a drop, lather it in your hands and rinse. The softness of the shampoo will make your hands feel as if you have taken years off their age.

Shaving cream

Laser and waxing are great options for silky smooth legs and underarms, but for us mere mortals who have neither the time nor the money for such luxuries, shaving on the go is the best option. But this solution too has it’s drawbacks. Ever been left hiding your legs from embarrassing red blotches? If yes you should try shaving with a spot of shampoo. The razor will slide right down your legs and away will be the dry razor marks.

Bubble bath

Depending on the type of holiday you have, you may want to treat yourself to a bath after a long day of skiing or walking or hiking or just for the sake of it. Or even if you are visiting Barcelona during the summer, there’s nothing better than taking a cool bath after a hot day at the beach to refresh. Shampoo in this moment is the perfect ingredient to a long luxurious soak in the bath.


Shower gel

If you can bath in shampoo and feel soft and clean, you can also achieve the same result from showering. Leave your hefty shower gels at home and instead use a few small drops of shampoo to lather up in the shower.


Stain remover

If you visit Barcelona, you’re likely to indulge in some traditional paella, gazpacho, pan tomate or delicious patatas bravas  – all with a tomatoe base and all potentially messy to eat which leaves the risk of a lovely great stain on your favourite holiday clothes. Don’t worry. Take some shampoo, dab some drops on the stained part of your clothes, leave it for 15mins and rinse. Voila!

Cleaning laundry

On that note, you can also use shampoo instead of the endless amounts of specialised products you find for cleaning your laundry whilst travelling. Packing light in terms of clothes and packing light in terms of products really makes for a hassle free holiday!


Make-up remover 

Yes you can also use a small amount of shampoo with a dab of water on a cotton pad to take off your make-up. It works wonders for removing that stubborn long lasting lipstick! Just be careful of that delicate eye area.

All purpose cleaner

Renting apartments these days is becoming quite the trend. But with the downfall of having to maintain the cleanliness of the apartment yourself. Forget the heavy cleaning products and try using some shampoo mixed with some warm water. It works wonders for making those worktops shine!

Buff your shoes

Not only does a shiny worktop make you feel good but fitting into the trendy vibes of Barcelona will also make you feel well. We recommend you join the crowds with some perfectly buffed shoes. Take a few drops of that shampoo you hopefully have leftover by this point, with some warm water on a cloth and rub them down. Then go out and sparkle in Barcelona.

Enjoy your worry free holidays this year!

Your La Pedrera team


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