Spanish Recipe Corner: Smoothie Vitality

Summer in Barcelona is gracefully coming to an end. Although we are blessed with plenty of sunny autumn days, mild temperatures and the remnant floral air from summer, we still feel the shift in seasons and sense the darker months drawing near. For many, this can have a profound effect on one’s health, ranging from a lower immune system, colds and flus, sore throat, dry skin, painful joints and cold sores. However, entering with vigour, we will sure surpass the harshness of those winter months. Here we have shared with you some of our smoothie recipes that are packed full of spanish ingredients that will help you survive the winter months with vitality. 

Immune Booster

Half a papaya

Thumb size piece of ginger

Half a cup of coconut milk

1tbsp of honey

Juice of one lemon

Juice of two oranges

A delightful smoothie packed with sweet vitamin C (from the orange and papaya) that will boost your immune system and defend you from bacteria and viruses. The ginger will stimulate your blood circulation and open your sinuses to remove toxins from your body, whilst the honey includes antioxidants and antibacterial properties to helps fight disease. 

Improved Digestion

Half a papaya

One orange

Half a lemon

Two fresh peppermint leaves

Handful of linseeds

Warm water (to your preferred consistency)

As the air that we breathe becomes colder, and the food we eat become spicier (often our tendencies during the winter months), the stomach can become problematic. Try this smoothie for better digestion. The linseeds, warm water and peppermint all aid in improving the digestive function. Especially in the winter, avoiding cold water will help with digestion – a warm stomach functions better. The papaya, orange and lemon are all full of vitamin C which will help you to better absorb the nutrients we eat whilst of course also tasting deliciously Spanish! 


Brightening orange

A cup of raw spinach

Half a grapefruit

One orange

1 tbsp of linseeds

Handful of raspberries 

Squeeze of honey

As the nights close in and days get shorter, we can find that our energy levels synchronise with the light. This smoothie should help to bring back some of the light and energy back into your life. Both honey and spinach are natural energy boosters, with spinach in particular improving your levels of iron and helping the body transport the oxygen and energy it needs.  The grapefruit and orange are both refreshing and energizing and the raspberries are not only amazingly tasty but have vast health benefits including improved circulation, adding again to that much needed energy boost.

For now, enjoy your smoothies and your vital transition into the new seasons.

Your La Pedrera team



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