Glow with carrot oil cream

Myth and legend talk of the Gods and Goddesses as some distant historic figures. Yet we are all attracted to, and somewhat in awe of these bronzed figures standing solid and strong, looking radiant and invincible and carrying the courage to live their truth. But the reality is, the Gods and Goddesses live within all of us. We need only the spirit and inspiration to allow that divine light live through us.


Although working on our courage and our truth is an arduous journey on the path of life, we can continue working on the physical aspects of our God-like figures now that summer is here in Europe. Should you desire that beautiful bronzed figure, we recommend you adopt carrot oil cream into your life. The carrot oil cream is a natural tan accelerator which stimulates your skin so it can tan better and faster, allowing you to achieve that dark, healthy glow. However, it’s of upmost importance that you also take care of your skin in the sun as we wrote in a previously blog here. But for now we are delighted to share with you our knowledge for using carrot oil cream responsibly, helping you to achieve your dream tan this summer.


1. Apply the carrot oil cream approximately half an hour before you hit the beach. This will allow your skin enough time to absorb the carotenoids that enhance your tan. Don’t forget, you can apply this cream to both your face and body.


2. Since carrot oil cream does not contain any SPF (sun protection factor), it can, and should be, used in conjunction with your usual sun cream. We recommend that you use your sun cream prior to using your carrot oil cream and of course re-apply both throughout the day as needed.


3. To ensure the longevity of your tan, we suggest that you exfoliate your skin before you begin to tan to remove any dead skin cells.


4. Carrot oil cream is nourishing and regenerative and includes vitamins to help the skin fight against the harmful effects of the sun. This cream also has a smooth and silky, rather than oily texture. This makes it a great after sun or simply a daily moisturiser.


5. Given that carrot oil cream has strong antioxidant properties, it helps to repair the skin and make it more resilient. For this reason, the cream acts as an effective anti-aging cream.


6. Have trust that carrot oil cream will not leave any streaks on your skin. What it is not, is a fake tan. It works only with exposure to the sun so rest assured the cream will absorb into your skin leaving you with an even all over tan.


7. As usual we encourage you to use any skin care products sensibly and responsibly. Should you have any skin conditions or sensitivities, please consult your doctor before use.


We wish you a delightful summer and happy days at the beach. If you would like to purchase our carrot oil cream you can visit us in store or find it online here. And if you would like advice on staying safe in the sun, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Your La Pedrera team


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